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May 10, 2022

What can I do with GMT Digital Printable Vinyl? The procedure of wrapping car - GMT Car Paint Protection Film

GMT Digitally Printable Vehicle Film series is a premium high-gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability and maximum durability for complex surfaces with curves and recesses. It's highly cost effective with great performance when compared to Avery MPI 1105.

What you need to do is to print the setting pattern by EPSON Eco-solvent Printer on GMT Digital Printable Vinyl and cover it with GMT Lamination Film as protection and surface treatment(glossy/matte).


The procedure of wrapping car - GMT Car Paint Protection Film

Step 1. A clean surface is vital for a successful installation, so keep the car clean, dust-free plant is strongly suggested.

Step 2. Spray amount of water or soap water on the surface of car.

Step 3. Remove the back of the transparent protective TPU film.

Step 4. Pick up your film and apply to the car.

Step 5. When paste the stickers from one side to other side, and slowly tear.

Step 6. Use your squeegee to push out any water and air bubbles. Use your sharp blade to carefully trim the excess film at the edges, using the frame as a guide.

Step 7. Finally use the paper towels to dry the car and the frame, being carefully not to lift the film at the edges or corners.

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